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   S I V A N  I L A N  is a Philadelphia-based textile artist who incorporates traditional practices and craftsmanship methods in a contemporary expression, to create modern-day works of handmade textiles. Primarily created on weaving floor looms, Ilan’s artwork consists of hand-woven compositions, which she refers to as “fiber paintings”, that are both subtle and bold in color, line, and texture. Ilan's work additionally explores embroidery and needlework practices preformed in various cultures throughout textile history.


Ilan’s first hand experience as a designer in the fashion industry led her to reconsider the fast-paced, unethical, non-sustainable and disposable way in which apparel is being produced and consumed, and her work responds to and contrasts the values of a current consumer-driven marketplace. Through the media of needlework and weaving, Ilan draws attention to time, dedication and purpose of a material object - in this case, of textile - posing the question “what is precious?”, bringing back a rather forgotten relationship with objects, that is based on a personal narrative or meaning, amid a world of instant consumerism.


Growing up in Israel, Ilan was exposed to a rich textile language through her paternal

and maternal grandparents from Yemen and Poland. These traditions, and their long

history of hand-embellished house-ware and costumes influence her work, both symbolically and literally. Through her own textile art, she seeks to revive and sustain the heritage and tradition of crafts that are no longer practiced, by creating one-of-a-kind individual works that are non-utilitarian; formed solely for the purpose of being treasured, cherished and admired. Through technique, form and materials, her work renders small and seemingly trivial details into a visual display of meaning and authenticity.


Ilan is currently a candidate for an MS in Fiber Art, Weaving and Textile Design at Philadelphia University, PA, and holds a BFA in Apparel Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, NY. 

Artits Statement:

“As an artist I practice, explore and research traditional textile techniques, applying those with a contemporary, present-day approach. My drive for creating originates from the desire to revive or sustain time-long heritage and traditions of craftsmanship that may have been forgotten or let go of over the years, and invite the viewers of my art to redefine their relationship with material objects by posing the question ‘what is precious?’

In a current world where the general trend is choosing quantity over quality, I strive to prove otherwise and investigate and develop that idea in my work. As a resident of a large metropolitan, it is on a daily basis that I witness a constant pursuit of material goals. Yet the nature of this path seems to be never satisfying and unsustainable, personally and ecologically. Observing this movement urged within me the need to restore a different ideal of happiness – one that is of personal meaning and unique value. 


By introducing traditional techniques such as weaving, embroidery and needlework into my art practices I hope to echo a resonance and appreciation for significance, effort and dedication to a purpose, a life-event or an individual. I am seeking to create art which is treasured and cherished as one of a kind - Just like a fleeting moment, to which there is no other.” 

Key Words:

What is Precious? / Attention / Dedication / Effort / Purpose / Personal Narrative / Significance / Meaning / One-of-a-Kind / Non-utilitarian / Treasured / Cherished / Admired / Authenticity / Quality / Value / Appreciation / Resonance 

Traditions / Craftsmanship / Textile History / Sustainability / Ethical Practices / Consumerism / Material Objects / Textile Language / Heritage / Contemporary Expression

Textiles / Hand-woven / Weaving / Embroidery / Needlework / Fiber Art / Fiber Painting

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